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We are a Christian organization set on the principles of Jesus, family, and friends. We started in December 2008 - just a few friends looking to start a gaming organization founded on following Jesus and being a family. We've been around, seen people come and go, but one thing has never changed - our 3 pillars we have set in stone. With being around for so long, we've matured. All of us physically, and most of us mentally... The average age of our members is in their late 20's. We enjoy gaming with each other and not dealing with the drama. Many of us have families and game to have fun. Another benefit of our longevity is that we now have 2 generations of gamers in =BoC=.

Our Mission:

We are here to provide a place to fellowship and provide a clean, safe environment for people of all ages and backgrounds.

We accept those over the age of 13, who show maturity, respect and agree to follow our rules.

We strive to keep our servers and forums "family friendly" and provide a place for gamers to feel welcome and make lifelong friends

Our goal is to be Christ-like and provide everyone a place to have fun!

Check us out at

Also Check out our server!

Check us out at
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