[Map Release] Roachville_EX

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(Beer_Me)Roach asked if I was going to build a map for the WWIG contest so I obliged. Not a lot of time to build this one as I am pretty busy with work, but wanted to get something in for the contest.

I hope it plays well enough for you guys. It needs more work for sure. Was thinking about a TaH version as well to take more advantage of inside combat.

(Beer_Me)Roach, the Mayor of Roachville, is feeling cranky today. Someone took his beer opener (the flag). They are trying to take it home with them. Your mission is to get it back.

Roach has sent out a proclamation. “I’m thirsty. Kill or be killed! I want my opener back!”

Please help roach feel less cranky today.

Thanks and enjoy!




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    Hey, uh.....Groundhog.....that link goes to Doba's Italy map for me.


    This has been a test of the emergency flame-fest system. Please do not adjust your set.
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    Updated URL
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    Oops! I was on my way to subscribe to his new map when I posted this.

    Here is the proper link.

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    Thanks [CLS]_SgtMac
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    I thought something was wrong on my end.. it was stuck on my map lel..
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    After the WWIG contest permits me to republish, I have an updated version of Roachville ready to go:

    • Renamed from Roachville_EX to Roachville
    • Added vehicles, fences, barrels, benches, fire hydrants, etc. to streets
    • Changed color of 4 Flat Lounge building
    • Updated content of most buildings
    • Added vines to some buildings
    • Added fire escapes to two buildings
    • Added more access to rooftops
    • Added blocking volumes to several windows
    • Added west facing window to Lounge building
    • Blocked or removed some windows
    • Resized garden trees to block lines to flag
    • Lowered canopies around flag
    • Added planters to garden
    • Added swine to pig pen
    • Added blocking volume to stone rings around torch (exploit)
    • Removed some perimeter trees
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