How to mod a stock map.

Could someone recommend how I should go about starting a project based on an existing stock map, so I can make some changes, and save and eventually publish it? What does it mean if a map is cooked? (Related?) Sorry, I'm sure this info is out there somewhere, but not sure where to look.


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    "Cooked" means the editor has taken the map and compressed it so it is more easily distributed. You can't directly edit them.

    There are a few issues like 'streaming levels' and custom lighting that can be a challenge, but I have taken all of BDX_Crossfire and selected, copied and pasted it piece by piece into a new map template.

    The beauty of stock maps is we have all those assets available to us in the Editor > Content Browser so when you paste, it pastes a new version of that asset, bypassing the 'cooking' feature.

    Now you can edit and save it.

    HINT: If you use copy, use PASTE in the new map, not Paste Here. Then, it will keep the relative location geometry of the stock map.


    1) Open the stock map.
    2) Select some objects at the same time by holding down CTRL (Not too many!!! This is RAM intensive!!)
    3) Hit Copy
    4) Close the map WITHOUT saving
    5) Open your new map
    6) Hit Paste
    7) Close map after hitting SAVE!!!!
    8) Go back to stock map and select other stuff.
    9) Don't re-select the same stuff (I forget how I did this.......?
    10) Repeat.

    Anyway, experiment with it.

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    Okay, thanks. Sucks that this is going to be so labour intensive.
  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,607Beta Tester
    Maybe there's another way! I dunno. That's what I did. I was just giving you something to start with. If you find a better way, I'd be happy to use it also!!! :)

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