BSP collision types? Can't block weapons.



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    SAW and M16 and M4 'should' all be the same bullet and barrel length....therefore same power. Are they different?!

    I think they are probably made to be different for 'game' purposes. It irks me somewhat that the shotgun penetrates next to nothing in the game, but has no problem getting through body armor plates :)

    I'm pretty sure that the M4/M16/M249 have the same penetration power of 2, because they are all using 5.56 ammo. The only weapons with higher penetration are the M24 and M14, both with a penetration power of 3. Enemy variants of the weapons have the same penetration as the US counterparts.

    The shotgun has a penetration power of 0, meaning it won't penetrate most materials. There are a few exceptions (with penetration cost of 0) like leaves and other very 'soft' materials.
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    Your right :+1: Which explains why the M4 also shoots through the same materials as the SAW does :lol:

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