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AvgusteAvguste Posts: 125Player
Hey guys

The company that is supposed to provide my server is having issues with the server registration, so I am beginning to look at different options

What server provider would you recommend?
Would I need to register the server for honor purposes or would the GSP already have the server registered?

Thank you


  • SSKnecaboSSKnecabo Posts: 2,721Player
    Can't help you with American providers but in case someone is searching for European ones I can recommend Support is handled by a guy playing AAPG himself and he's usually very fast when there are issues with the server.
  • =NOC=BWSNinja=NOC=BWSNinja Posts: 34Player
    These are the guys we use for our server.

    They are brilliant, set up authorization upon launch, no fuss and excellent customer support.
    Our first provider was crap, will never go back to them.
  • AvgusteAvguste Posts: 125Player
    Thanks for info on lowping.

    Anyone has any comments regarding

  • FlatlanderFlatlander Posts: 630Player
    Thanks for info on lowping.

    Anyone has any comments regarding

    Im happy with EOR.Best support i experienced so far and excellent running server.ACI and Pbbans preinstalled.The optin option is also very nice.

    AAPG is good!
  • AvgusteAvguste Posts: 125Player
    Thank you for the response Flatlander.

    My current provider just messaged me today to let me know they have fixed the registration issues and are working out tcadmin tweaks.

  • Bam4DBam4D Posts: 976Player
    Just use your own computer, get a static, no need to pay.




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  • AvgusteAvguste Posts: 125Player
    Server is up and running. Check it out!!!
    Provider is

  • FlatlanderFlatlander Posts: 630Player
    5 days to get the auth!? Doesnt looks like the best ;)

    Just joking, good luck with it :D
    AAPG is good!
  • AvgusteAvguste Posts: 125Player
    Actually the server was up for the past 5-6 days or so. The reason it took me so long to announce it is because I was not available the last 3-4 days and was working on setting up the correct settings (anti-cheat scripts, rules and so forth)

    Definitely should check them out. Great customer service and the server works perfect

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