FGN League is looking for a Euro Admin.

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We are looking to start a Euro division to support more of the community of AAPG. Euro was once about double the size of NA not sure how many teams left but anyone interested let us know.


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    Nice, good luck to who ever accepts this responsability.

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    Hey colts I´m watching all the streams of doba atm. Your league looks very nice exactly what AA:PG needs. I´m afraid I would not have enought time for this job otherwise I would do an application for it. But if you want you could contact me via steam. You can find me under my nick CeparSo.

    However I would like to support this. I posted your request in the America´s Army Proving Grounds Facebook group.
  • .dcG-Colts^.dcG-Colts^ Posts: 1,973Player
    Thanks appreciate the help I have added you on steam
    Pie charts + Graphs= Very Bad.

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    Welp, if you're still looking in spring 2017, lemme know!

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    Doogle the machine has slayed a huge % of woman in US and is now heading to EU for a new taste.. beware !!
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    yeh if you need help or an admin.
    I am an european player. I am familar with the serversetting (most of them).
    I have an own testserver provided/sponsored by Ultimate-Internet.de
    Also i am familar with Voiceserveradministration (Teamspeak and a bit mumble).
    I administrated certain clan homepages and wrote some little websites.
    My programming / scripting languages on one look:
    *C++ / Java
    *HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVAScript
    also i know how to administrate mysql databases.

    At the moment i am a bit busy with the ports and remakes
    of old AA2/AA3 maps and my own UserMadeMaps.
    Here my workshop:

    Hope i can help the EU-Community to grow :-)
    There are a few german clans:
    SL and 33
    also some other clans:

    Gz Modtools
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    What kind of admin is this about? What kind of tasks would you have to do? Also is there a policy on how accusations and sent in "video proof" is handled?
  • .dcG-Colts^.dcG-Colts^ Posts: 1,973Player
    You can find some information on that here http://www.fgnleague.com/league/index.php?l=2&s=3&mod=content&view=rules We are in the process of updating the aapg rules to meet the CS:GO rules. It is head league admin for EU division. The owner is in the process of moving so he is unavailable to talk about it in more depth with interested parties but I will let him know as soon as he is back.
    Pie charts + Graphs= Very Bad.

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