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    m_hermann wrote: »
    There isn't always a specific map that makes the launcher crash, it can be a map hung in the down load process, any map.

    There are also other reasons that the launcher crashes, Nvidia video drivers from 2015 for example..

    Well, I'm stabbing in the dark and have been left there, I have no clue what map or drivers or anything are causing the issue, I would assume that other peoples launcher would be crashing too if it were the maps I have at fault.. as I have the same as all the people who subbed and downloaded the "UMM Dev pick map pack".

    What worries me most is I'm relatively competent at 'stuff' and I have no idea what's going wrong or what exactly causes it and seen as I've took steps highlighted and still no joy.. without resorting to removing all the UMMs and others (as that wouldn't be fixing, it would be bypassing).. I'm fearful the people who 'should' theoretically know for sure what causes it can only give speculative answers and temporary fixes.

    It can't be the maps as I have already removed un-updated ones, I have none pending or hung, my Usermaps folder is clean of anything other than updated maps and it definitely can't be Nvidia drivers in my case, since I'm running AMD ones.

    I will simply have to take @[Dev]Tear 's advice and suffer with high mileage, until such a time where UMM's or whatever else does cause it.. for whatever reason, don't crash that horrible thing that hates me any more.

    Maybe it will stop after opt-in?, especially now I have removed un-updated maps? could the opt-in be affecting it? I know I can't edit my own UMMs in the opt-in version of editor, as it just crashes, perhaps theres a connection there, some kind of incompatibility?
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    [Dev]Tear wrote: »
    Unsubscribe from all user made maps including shoot houses. Close the Launcher. Delete the contents of the /usermademaps directory. Open the Launcher and see if it still crashes.

    I have done this also when this did not work I reinstalled steam and game and launcher still crashes.
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