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Hey folks, I'd really appreciate it if you guys could give me a bit of feedback on a few of my maps on how well they play in matches or whatever. If the maps are too big, let me know and I can try to cut them down a bit. If something is out of wack, plays weird, needs to be moved to play better, please let me know. I'd like my maps to play good in competition and hope that they'd work out well. If you want to message me on Steam feel free. Otherwise feedback in this thread would be cool too. I'd also hope that other mappers who want comp player feedback would post in here.

Urban Storm - Urban version of Sandstorm with a few changes here and there, 3 take and hold objs.
Urban Storm SM - Smaller version, I took out the northern part of the map & only two obj take and hold.
Night Raid - This is a remake of a very old CS beta map called CS_Docks. It got removed back in Beta 7 (from what I recall). I've changed quite a bit of it, so it's a decent amount different. Insurgent Camp style objectives (2 objs, take 1 to win)
Mountain Lair - I made this a long time ago. It was originally larger and I ended up cutting it down a lot. It may actually play somewhat decently in a match. It's C4 map.
You joined the world's greatest army to become a graphic artist? Outstanding!


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