Crash on start up

]B4n4nA[JoG@ry]B4n4nA[JoG@ry Posts: 220Player
Anyone experiencing a crash on starting since latest update. I have deleted all content and re-downloaded. Also fresh INI files but game crashes every time I try run it. I in work just now so cant remember exact error. Think it something like AAPG has closed with option to press OK and it clears it.
I have been working round it by right clicking on steam icon and selecting launch editor. Then the old launcher comes up and I can launch game successfully from there.


  • frankoffrankof Posts: 1,065Moderator
    check your steam shortcut for any launch options, if you have any, clear them out.
  • ]B4n4nA[JoG@ry]B4n4nA[JoG@ry Posts: 220Player
    Good call. I had skipintrovideo in there that I must have added at some point. All good now :)
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