Support with: Stats, Achievements, Weapon Skins & Challenges, Rank Progression

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Hello everyone.

We have received several emails to the AA ticket support system regarding issues that are related to stats and rank reporting, as well as weapon skins, weapon challenges, and achievements. These issues are in some ways tricky to troubleshoot, because in most cases, they are different for each individual user. However, we wanted to assure all of our players that we are working hard to assess and fix the problem.

If you submit / have submitted a support ticket, your ticket is being reviewed and processed. Please ensure that if you are experiencing any problems related to: stats, achievements, weapon progressions, weapon skins, or rank progression, you only submit ONE support ticket. If you submit more than one ticket, it will continue to populate the system and make it harder to address these issues in a faster and more efficient manner.

As your ticket is being reviewed and a solution is being crafted, we will let you know in a response to that particular ticket. Please ensure you check your ticket as often as you can for any updates. In some cases, we might need you to provide more details so that we may better assist you.

We are aware that many of you have had problems with one of the categories of issues listed above for some time now. We are reviewing tickets as early as January 2016. So, if you are still having issues with stats, achievements, etc., and have submitted a ticket since January 01, 2016, there is no need to submit a new ticket. Your ticket will be reviewed and processed just the same.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused to our players. We know statistics and progression are a big part of our game for many of you, and we appreciate you letting us know of these issues. As we continue to work hard to address these issues, we appreciate your continued patience and support of AAPG.


America’s Army Support Team


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