2nd Infantry Division

The 2nd ID is recruiting. We are a group of realism vets who have played together for 8 years. I don't have some fancy recruitment post, just an invite to come check us out at:


We are realism, but very relaxed. Come have some fun with us.


  • [DFekt].Killinzero[DFekt].Killinzero Posts: 81Player
    It was good having you guys on our server last night

    - SGT J.Rizzo[3rdID]

  • HollywoodHulkHoganHollywoodHulkHogan Posts: 4Player
    Thanks Sergeant, it was fun.

    Just an update, we've fully updated our forums to iron out the registration bugs. Come check out our website, uniquely developed in-house roster system HRCOM, and new forums.
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