Bugged Key bindings?

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OK so I can't move .. basically QWEASDIV do not work. I can stand in spawn ant use the mouse to turn, reload jump lie down crouch .. but not move out of spawn.

I check key bindings and they look OK. I can alt tab to windows and type this report - no keyboard issue here. I can team chat text and global chat text .. but no VOIP.

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The other thing I notice is If I F1 or F2 the menus open and close instantly I have to hold it down and they flicker .. If I hit escape the main menu comes and I can get to the menu and activate things fine like Load out (same screen as F2).

I I got to key bindings and press to change a key bind it works OK .. but it does sound like the confirmation audio fires off twice very quickly overlapping so it is like a slight echo.

But if is my keyboard or drivers why does it not effect any other areas like team chat or windows apps?

Funny thing is I have 5 kills while standing here. LOL. But its very annoying.
I waited for a server map rotation and its the same. Still.


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    OK. Can't work this one out.
    Quit the server rejoind = same.
    Joined another server = same.
    Quit AAPG relaunched joined server = same
    Quit AAPG. Quit launcher = same
    Quit AAPG. Quit Launch. Quit Steam = same.
    Quit AAPG. Quit Launch. Quit Steam. Restarted PC = same.
    Quit AAPG. Quit Launch. Quit Steam. Restarted PC, reset AAPG keybindings to default = same.
    Quit AAPG. Quit Launch. Quit Steam. Restarted PC, change keyboard to another USB port = same.

    Thing is I also played some time on other FPS games to check as well and they are OK ie PAYDAY.
    Guess I can try reinstalling the game but that's going to take hours. It was fine yesterday (which I guess is how everything is until there is a problem right.)

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    Try deleting your AAInput.ini configuration file located at
    [/code]C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\America's Army Proving Grounds\AAGame\Config[/code]

    That often fixes this kind of problem and will at least take less time to try than some of what you've looked at so far :) Close the game, remove that file, and re-open -- nothing else needed.

    If that doesn't help, you could safely delete everything in that folder and see if that fixes it.
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    OK left the PC powered down for an hour then swapped out the gaming keyboard for a little laptop style USB I use with a raspberry Pi. not nice to use but final test I could think of. made no difference.

    Tried deleting just the ini file as above made no difference.

    Tried deleting all user / config files as above .. took two goes to get the launcher to open. Then Game didn't want to launch had to kill the process a few times and re-try ... saw some ini files re created but definitely not all were that were previously in that folder - best I could get was the splash would open then a tiny windows window running but no game or switching to full screen.

    So now I have no choice but to fall back to a removing the local files via steam and reinstalling over night.
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    If that folder doesn't repopulate correctly, something must be wrong in the reference files. Have you tried verifying your game cache through Steam?

    All operating systems - Verify integrity of game cache
    * Load Steam
    * From the Library section, right-click on the game and select Properties from the menu.
    * Select the Local files tab and click the Verify integrity of game cache... button.
    * Steam will verify the game's files - this process may take several minutes.
    * Once the process is completed, the Check Window will automatically exit.
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    we'll I'm installing now. but I did verify before I tried most other things and it just found '2 files' which were basically punkbuster which then downloaded in a hart beat and when I relaunch the game PB went through its reinstall process. However I paid no attention to that as I seem to recall every time you verify it does this same thing and it made no difference anyway. Well been messing around with this for hours now and its 1am so I'll Let the download proceed and check it out in the morning.

    Thanks for your input.
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    Yep, sorry there hasn't been a simple fix so far. Good luck.
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    OK I don't know why this is but it seems I'm just going from bad to worse.

    Reinstall seemed to go fine. But on launch I had the same issue. Launcher OK. Splash screen. Game in tiny black window.

    Killed the process and tried a few times - no go. Same thing.

    Figured my local folder I deleted ini files from might still not have been updated by the install - it may have seen the existence of C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\America's Army Proving Grounds\ files and folders and tried to keep the settings?

    So I just deleted that main folder (what else could go wrong anyway) and re launched again.

    Same. Launcher OK. splash OK.. and same small game window - and by this I mean it's probably as small as a windows window can be due to the toolbar icons in the frame having to be present. Maybe 100px by 5px inside.

    This time I watch the AAGame.exe and I notice it was using 270Mb ish of memory - but it was increasing by a meg every few seconds. I also saw a lot of UE3ShaderComplieworker executables running - so I thought 'shader compilers' .. that could be related to maps needing to be pre rendered .. I did have some custom maps assigned before .. so I left it alone for like an hour.

    When I came back I had the main game screen and music playing ! BUT no 3D background (soldier looking out a window) just black. The game now had about 1.3GB of ram allocated to it. There are still UE3ShaderComplieworker executables running. Interface seemed snappy so I went through and upped the resolution, did a server listing and tried to join a game.

    And that is where I'm at now. Joining a server ... well watching every single video loop through while it tells me it is loading. So I thought I'd come here and update this.

    It almost feels like the game is streaming all files online rather than loading locally. I actually did check to see that it was reinstalled on my local SSD and not accidentally on my NAS mapped drive.

    I guess I'm hoping this is some sort of cache needing to be built up and it will eventually load and not need to do this again.

    OK Just as I posted this I received this windows popup message (no attachments so I'll write this out).

    Ambiguous package name: Using 'C:\Games\steamapps\common\America's Army\AAPG\AAGame\CookedPC\LocalShaderCache-PC-D3D-SM5.upk',
    not 'C:\Users\**EDIT MY ACCOUNT NAME**\Documents\My Games\America's Army Proving Grounds\AAGame\Published\cookedPC\LocalShaderCache-PC-D3D-SM5.upk'

    Hitting OK on that I was ejected back to the main menu with the message 'disconnected from server' (probably map rotation or I just simply timed out on the connection).

    The main menu is black. The Game is sitting on what looks to be a stable 1.525 GB of memory.
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    OK so after getting the same popup error again after trying to join a server I can see it was a bad idea to delete that folder as it removed the cached files, and it seems it is taking too long to rebuild them before the game joins a server.

    So I decided to try a more clean install. This time I removed the local content by steam again and removed the My Games/ Americas Army folder content. - before I tried the install. Downloaded and reinstalled gain .. thinking this should be as clean as I can make it.

    3.5 hours later .. its the same Launcher OK, Splash comes up but AA game is using low memory and 7 UE3ShaderComplieworker processes are ticking through.

    I can't believe this has become so difficult. I still have no idea about the original issue and now I can't even get the game to run. Tired looking in the forum for anyone with similar install issues but can't find anything.

    So this time after install I launched and left it and watched ... it took about 7-8 min to open the intro animation videos, then the game locked up ( had not responding in the title) for another 3-4 min before the main menu loaded with a black background. I noticed the UE3ShaderComplieworker had stopped when it got to this point. This time I decided to do some training to see if without needing a server to connect to and enough time it would launch.

    3-4min of watchign the loading video and the same error popup appears.

    Ambiguous package name: Using 'C:\Games\steamapps\common\America's Army\AAPG\AAGame\CookedPC\LocalShaderCache-PC-D3D-SM5.upk',
    not 'C:\Users\**EDIT MY ACCOUNT NAME**\Documents\My Games\America's Army Proving Grounds\AAGame\Published\cookedPC\LocalShaderCache-PC-D3D-SM5.upk'

    BUT this time I am looking at a black screen with the Shoothouse awards on screen details, and then I get the ingame hud and the green 'use for info' text is in front of me it is in 3D as t moves when I turn .. but every thing is black.

    so I'm stuck for ideas here... apart from maybe creating a new OS level user to install the game on to try and remove any conflicts.
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    OK looked around and normally I installed games from steam on a D: drive that has a few terabytes of space but If I play a game a lot I want it to lauch fast so I install on my C: drive. I found an Americas Army folder here with game files still in it on that D: drive ... maybe this was where I installed the game originally years ago and I didn't realise when I 'removed local files' yesterday? Perhaps as this is the main steam folder files here are conflicting. I just deleted this folder.

    I then Looked at the two ambiguous files one in the current C:\GAmes\steam install folder and the other in my 'user\..\My Games' folder the steam one was only 1K in size the other was 42MB. So I just renamed the one in the steam folder .. it seemed not right to be so small and figure it would be recreated if necessary. This should stop the file name/type conflict?

    Ok starting the game now fires up at normal speeds... but still no 3D is visible anywhere. I can join servers fast and load training maps too... not re building of caches but apart from the overlays everything is just black... and nope because I cant see I can't tell if my movement problem is fixed :P
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    Actually when I go to practise a map I can see myself moving around on the minimap.
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    Take it back game seems to start up faster on load and loading maps but I still see the UE3ShaderComplieworker process .. it just seems they give up a lot quicker.

    I also just tried installing the editor to see if that kicks in any sort of cache refresh... nope.
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    Oof. Yeah, shouldn't be this hard. On a fresh install you're not supposed to need to compile shaders for any of the default maps.

    There could be a connection to UMM content, but I'm not totally sure when the game would try to build shaders for that. I thought that was usually done "just in time" when loading a map. I'd consider unsubscribing from the user-made stuff temporarily, but I know it's a pain to get anew.

    A Dev might be able to give more info on which shader caches are the correct current configuration to have.
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    Doing my 4th re install now this time After doing the removal via steam (I actually thought to try it via windows program removal but that just launches steam anyway) I went hunting and removed all folders and files that were left behind in all possible locations - All Steam folders on each drive and user folders.

    I have never been a big steam workshop user - to be honest the UI of that area in steam confuses the heck (that word OK mods?) out of me. Not sure how to remove anything I have signed up for but should have it figure out before the download completes (I'm assuming I can do it through the steam client and don't have to do it through the launcher).

    EDIT: removed 7 subscribe maps.
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    removing the subscriptions was a good place to start, you may also need to manually remove them. Using the verify local content in steam should fix this now that the subscriptions are gone.
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    Well. That did it. Nuke it from space - it's the only way to be sure.

    Remove ALL AA files and folders even after uninstall via steam. Unsubscribe from all workshop maps. Download. Reinstall.

    The game has now loaded in a window with default settings and I have loaded a map all OK. graphics and movement fine. Wish I knew what the glitch was that caused that initial movement issue. I don't think it was directly related to the reinstall issue.

    "removing the subscriptions was a good place to start" - but not at all obvious. How many people would spend 24 hours trying to get this reinstalled and working. Not many unless like me they have invested a lot of time into this game already. with the developers now pushing more map comps more people will be using subscriptions and get caught by this. Hope they look into it.

    Thank you to those that posted. I hope everyone enjoyed my live Blogging of my torment.
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    The movement bug recurred. Oddly not immediately. But I found the culprit I believe.

    I have for a long time had a program call Synergy installed http://synergy-project.org/. It's a way to share mouse / keyboards across multiple machines and it's very useful. I hardly use it really (maybe 3/4 times a year at home) but about a week ago I needed it and I updated this program to be in sync with the laptop version I was using it with.

    Even though it is not in use it launches with Windows there are two process syneryd and synergs (the Daemon and the Service I'll call them). I needed to kill the Service process - but before I could do that I had to kill the daemon process (required to 'view all processes').

    This was a proven solution after a clean boot and joining the server I again could not move from spawn or lean (QAWSDE), heal (i), use voip (V). I tried rebinding the movement keys to arrow keys and it was the same.
    I could mouse look, chrouch, lie down swap weapons, fire bring up the map, reload, spot the enemy.

    I then Alt-Tabbed to windows and killed syneryd went back to the game in progress and it had not changed. I then Alt-Tabbed to windows and killed synerys and back to the game I could move. I returned the key bindings to normal and could still move.

    So this seems to be a solution though ....

    - I have had synergy installed for years not sure why it now picks on this game and why it started on Friay when it was at least a week before I updated it (I play AA most days).
    - Why ONLY this game and not others or windows programs seem to be affected - perhaps its not just Synergys fault.

  • dAnKiUsMeMeIuSdAnKiUsMeMeIuS Posts: 1Player
    I have the same problem too... If anyone knows ANY fix. I'll do anything... Please comment on this or email me...

    Thanks in advance
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