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- Decerpt -

Well, since there wasn't really any desert themed maps, I figured I'd make one. It's slightly on the larger side, but i'm hoping to tweak it for BDX and Comp Version, If there is interest. So check it out and let me know what you think. The map is FLO "ONLY" at the moment. Your feedback is appreciated as always! It's nice to back to mapping and not working on [TOS Violation] bathroom project. =)

Deep inside the Czervanian desert is one of the most powerful weapon ever made, stronger than anything known to mankind. It was believed that Egyptian only roamed in Egypt. Kept secret by the Czervanian government, "Decerpt" as they call it, is now believed to be the largest desert in the world, even larger than Sahara's sand dunes. The Czervanian scientists had no where else to build the most power missile except on the excavated back of the original sphinx, knowing it wouldn't be detected. Now it is your duty as an American Solider to stop the dirt Czervros from launching the missile and whipping out mankind as we know it. Defuse the powerful missile's computer. In the south village disable the scuds, and in the north village infiltrate the base camp and jam the lock to the launching codes tent. Or die trying.....Hooah!

Yes, I know!! Lame! :p

Video and Pictures:

Map is Been Updated!

VIP Version

Objective Version



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