Importing existing maps into Map Editor

Hey, AA:PG community. ...just a quick question- is there any way I can import pre-existing maps into the AA:PG Map Editor and then edit them? If so, how?
I play a lot on Inner Hospital, and think it would be really nice to expand the map to include some of the rooms that you can't currently enter, and stuff like that; but I can't seem to figure out where the map files are so I can open it to make a variant of it.
I trust you'll understand why I don't terribly want to rebuild the whole map from the ground up.
Thank you.


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    You may be able to find what your looking for in here :)

    Last post by Wolverine is what your looking for.

    One thing I will say taking the inner map as an example.. is that when you copy the stuff over to your own map, it will just look like a load of empty brushes, these are BSP brushes, and there is a lot used in inner, so you will need to build geometry for them to show up :)

    Good luck!
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    Thank you. I'll check that.
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