[UMM Release Alpha] Coastal Ramparts

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Introducing Coastal Ramparts UMM...
Time to storm the ramparts! This smaller map features a good dose of tactical strategy and close quarters engagement with the enemy in an environment modeled after a Civil War era coastal masonry fort. With plenty of routes to choose from, you can take the high ground on the ramparts or citadel, creep through the tunnels, push room by room or make a run for it across open ground. There are plenty of corners to check, but no time to camp as both teams have the opportunity to play Assault roles. NOTICE: There are multiple objective locations that are chosen randomly at the beginning of each round. Be situationally aware and plan a strategy as a team to ensure a successful mission.

(New URL) Subscribe here on Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=656395946


ACTIVATE: 3 Objectives to activate and then you must defend them. They start neutral and either team can capture all three to win.


This is the Alpha Release to test the gameplay. Please submit any bugs or feedback on the AAPG Forums or Steam Workshop, thanks!

Todo/Known Issues:
- Improve lighting
- Improve lightmapping & texturing
- Add more environmental bling
- Add sound cues

Background FYI:
I was inspired by watching an NCIS New Orleans episode where they raided an old coastal fort (google Fort Pike or Fort Macomb) that had been used as a drug operation. This map isn't as large to scale as those, but hopefully should be large enough. I tried to improve my skills by making custom meshes (25+) for the building using Sketchup Pro. Unfortunately UV mapping is not its strong point, so I have more learning and tweaking to do there. Hope you enjoy it, and would really appreciate feedback!

Oh and let me know if you happen across the easter egg... (triggered randomly @ 1/50 chance) ;)


  • 4DChessGenius4DChessGenius Posts: 2,161Player
    Looks neat.
    You joined the world's greatest army to become a graphic artist? Outstanding!
  • -Flops--Flops- Posts: 354Player
    Looks awesome cant wait to get in there and give it a try
  • `xinoN`xinoN Posts: 359Player
    Looks great!
    Oh well.
  • [ENG]Uni-Sol[ENG]Uni-Sol Posts: 3,193Player
    Cool! also objective possibilities randomly chosen has got to be a UMM first.

    Good job EJ :+1:
    If my trollery drives you crazy, you'd better put on your seatbelt.

  • {RR}-Maclobster{RR}-Maclobster Posts: 218Beta Tester
    looks awesome
    (\/) (',,') (\/)
  • EJtheKEJtheK Posts: 105Player
    Ok... with further testing the random objectives doesn't work well. I will be republishing with basic objectives for now.
  • -=}WoLvErInE{=--=}WoLvErInE{=- Posts: 1,163Beta Tester
    EJ, take a look at water treatment and see how the randomness was done and apply it to your maps random objectives. Make sure you set your worldinfo to custom game type.
  • EJtheKEJtheK Posts: 105Player
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    Wolverine... when the inspiration hit me, that's exactly where I looked for how the randomness was introduced. ;)

    I believe the issue is related to the fact that I have three different types of objectives, and I'm trying to toggle them off and then destroy them at level start/restart. However I've thought about it and realized that I'm not actually adjusting the control point objective properties "(ObjectivesForStrategy=..." so they probably introduce a conflict. It worked with a single player, but not with multiplayer.

    So I'm going to revert to one objective type... maybe randomly placed like WaterTreatment2... and play around with the control point properties some more. Of course if the Devs provided any documentation on their custom AACommandPoint classes and how they are used in game, that would be helpful to those of us UMM makers who like to push the boundaries a bit.

    Will try to update late tonight so as not to disturb the Beer_Me server which has subscribed to the map already.

    I also noticed that the published package had my working title stored in it "flo_Fort2" and not "Coastal Ramparts" so will try to fix that too.
  • -=}WoLvErInE{=--=}WoLvErInE{=- Posts: 1,163Beta Tester
    Roger that! Hit me up if you want me to look at anything for you. :+1:
  • EJtheKEJtheK Posts: 105Player
    So I fixed the objectives (I think) but the publishing got screwed up and I had to delete the old workshop item and re-publish a new item.


    I've edited the OP to reflect this.
  • ModtoolsModtools Posts: 282Player
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    hey EJtheK
    i made random objectives too on my map impact2ndwave
    i post here a picture of the kismet

    also you must uncheck the auto enable or enabled hitbox on each objectiv
    hope i could help

  • EJtheKEJtheK Posts: 105Player
    Ok, the activate objectives should be working properly now. The only remaining issue is the HUD tags are still messed up a bit, but it shouldn't affect gameplay.

    It appears that the different objective types respond to kismet in different ways. ie. you can change the location and rotation of extract objectives but not activate objectives for some reason. Thanks Modtools for the suggestions.

    Anyways, now that its working, I would appreciate any feedback.
  • ModtoolsModtools Posts: 282Player
    no problem will also look how to get the HUD tags correct should work with hidde actor
  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,609Beta Tester
    edited April 2016
    There's a known Objective team possession issue with the HUD....is that the problem you're having?

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  • EJtheKEJtheK Posts: 105Player
    The HUD issue is just that it shows all the objectives even though they were toggled off and hidden by Kismet during the Round Warmup. Currently, the objectives start all enabled but maybe starting with them all disabled and then toggling them on would help with the confusing HUD?

    Of bigger concern is an issue with some players on Sea Assault spawning on top of each other, resulting in slow motion and virtual inability to play. This problem persists between rounds. Lobo suggests its a byproduct of using random nodes in Kismet. He suggested spreading apart the individual spawn actors. They are currently at default layout. The Land Assault spawns were re-arranged into line formation and don't seem to be bugged.
  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,609Beta Tester
    edited April 2016
    I'd like to see the HUD Obj display info addressable from the editor so you can be clearer with the info there. A lot of people get confused...."What do we do?"

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  • EJtheKEJtheK Posts: 105Player
    Updated to fix missing collisions and some tweaks.
  • TrIn@dOr^SuRTrIn@dOr^SuR Posts: 215Player
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