TWL AAPG Tournament Updated

xtopherusxtopherus Posts: 71Player
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Just a reminder, we still have a number of slots open for this tournament and signups close 4/19/16. There have been a number of changes due to public vote and we are changing the default day to Tuesday @ 9PM EST. Check it out @

Requirements: Moss monitoring system

Change List:
- Tournament is now a 5v5.
- Loadout restrictions to no shotgun and no DMR. Teams can pick any combo of team loadouts from the map presets. (3-5) M4/M16, (0-1) SAW, (0-1) Sniper.
- Supported Fire is now turned off during Matches.
- Map Pool Updated, we have added InnerHospital_EX and Homestead_C4
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