Happy Easter.

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Happy Easter to all that celebrate the holiday, and what ever else you celebrate. :+1:

GOD Bless!


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    Happy Easter
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    I partake in the celebratory consumption of egg shaped chocolate if that counts? well my kids do anyway.. Happy Easter.
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    The easteregg has it's origin in the Germanic people (Teutons, not today Germany Germans) tradition of gifting your wife/husband an egg as a symbol of a "child wish". The egg was/is a symbol of fertility.
    Have fun with your new xyz amount of childrens :-3
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    Iam from Germany and in the past(still for me) the Name in Germany of Eastern is "Ostern" and the name of the GOD of Autumn is Ostara.
    The colors of the eggs came as well i know from for her its yellow.
    And for Thor they did red cause this is his own color.

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    Happy easter ( vrolijk pasen )
    (\/) (',,') (\/)
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