Veteran icon colors

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i request we not permanently start using this new green and yellow icon.
imo green and yellow is a disgusting color combo. i'd rather literally anything else. i didn't like it 10 years ago when it was used in the original forums...
i vote anything else. black, grey, white, those work with yellow. earth colors are fine, but yellow really doesn't work with earth colors. not a fan of the shade of green being used.


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    It looks to be a move back to what we had in AA2.

    A few suggestions - make them simpler if possible. You can't clearly see what they are. In the Beta, the simple star with no branch affiliation was great.

    For example, I have an Army icon and I'm a Navy vet but I don't know how to remedy that. Someone last night had one that looked black and he said he was Navy like me. I didn't see his and think Navy. The Army icon I have looks green with an orange V or medal. It isn't clear or easy to understand.

    If you will have separate icons for the branches, add an option for folks to select their branch when requesting it. This will avoid folks in my situation who have an incorrect icon.

    How should I remedy my having the wrong icon?
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    How should I remedy my having the wrong icon?
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