How to retrieve my old published maps ?


I'v done some maps 2 years back. Since then i have re-install windows, steam, AA:PG and so on. So i lost my maps on my HDD. I want to retrieve them so i can add some work into then and/or republish them so we can play them on new game version, but bothing is working.

I have try everything to retrieve them, i think. unsubscribe them, delete them from launcher, close launcher, close steam, re-subsribe them, bla bla bla. No matter what i do the launcher don't re-download them.

Anyone have any idea on what can i do now ?



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    I think you can subscribe to them. It will download a .legacy map (look in Windows explorer on your custom map directory). Rename it to .umap. Open in editor and select everything and copy and paste to a new map. You will also have to export the terrain from the old map separately. Additionally, any custom models and textures won't port over since the map was cooked.

    I'm sure one of the other guys may know an easier way.
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    its possible but i dont know if i should make a tutorial how to make it because its reendineering in its deepest spheres ...
    say what map and i will look what i can do

    Gz Modtools
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    Nothing works,

    I also subscribe for 2 ModTool Maps, WeaponCache and ShantyTown. I can explore them in the training section of the game, but the launcher didnt downloaded them on my HDD.

    I will try another one right now and see if it's the same (WorkSite).

    EDIT.: Same thing whit the map WorkSite, i sub to it, load it in the training section, but in the launcher it still say's ''Not Downloaded'', and my usermademaps directory is empty.

    Well, not working at all.
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    Ok i found them in '' Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\203290 ''

    Each maps have he's own directory, not named but numbers, like i found WeaponCache in '' Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\203290\645954545\flo_WeaponsCache$76561198035947967_th.umap ''

    weird ....
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    that s the new steam format :+1:
    sorry forgot to tell you where they are stored
  • -=}WoLvErInE{=--=}WoLvErInE{=- Posts: 1,159Beta Tester
    Don't you have the original unpublished files?
  • LeQuebLeQueb Posts: 7Player
    Nope -=}WoLvErInE{=-, i had format my comp in the last 2 years, lost them all.

    I guess i'm doomed now. Or i'll need to find someone who still pocess them i guess.

    Well, i have a new map idea, but gonna be hard to execute this one, as it is a very complex map. I'll try to draw basic layout on paper and see where i can go from there. I'm more into comp maps then the usual bad map we have in AAPG. To be honest i dont like the game original map, they tend to be too small to offer a good gameplay from comp perspective. In opposition i really like the new one's they make '' Checkout, Homestead, Intercept, RedLine '' finally real map, but still too small in my opinion exept for Redline, which is a decent size. I like maps where you can install some strategies and stuff, the Original maps tend to be too small for that, it's more, spawn, run 2 sec and already encounter the opposition. In my opinion, that's bad for comp perspectiv.

    But that's just me, i'd like to see more strategies then run and gun.
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