Frame freezing every 60 seconds since changing video card

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On Friday, my old graphics card(AMD Radeon 6850) fried and I replaced it with an ASUS Radeon R7 360. Ever since doing this, every 60 seconds(give or take a few seconds), my frames will drop to 0. This lasts for about a second, maybe 2.

I have tried reinstalling(deleting all the documents folders too), I've done the unsubscribe/delete all custom maps aspect(which actually seems to have decreased the amount of freeze time from about 3-4 seconds to the 1-2 seconds now), I'm running default inis so nothing funky there, my video card drivers are all up to date, tried verifying the files via steam, everything I know to do and no luck.


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    Welcome to AMD and unreal engine. been going on ever since this game came out and they seem to not be able to fix it. I had to get an nvidia card because i got tired of it.
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    To loosely paraphrase:

    "You bought the world's laggiest video card to play this game? OUTSTANDING!!!!"


    That AMD issue has been a topic around here for quite a while. Unknown solution at this point as it seems to be directly from AMD and not fixable in-game.


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    Its boring, but sort of "fact", AMD and UE3 isnt the best of friends.
    Try various drivers, most likely really old ones(that has support for your card).
    Does the software still have overclocking capability(the only thing i miss about AMD/ATI).
    If so try various settings, up and down.
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    I was going to write a very similar post..
    Just got a new rig, clean install inclusive complete harddrive format.
    AMD FX 8370
    ASUS Strix R9 390x (oc version) with 8gb VRAM
    16gb 1600mHz RAM
    10k rpm Western Digital harddrive

    And i got the very same issue...freeze every 60 seconds or that. And this system should handle this game without a flaw I think..I disabled AA/AF, changed resolution to 1280x720, disabled shadows and whatnot...still the problem persists :-(
    I think I gonna try Win10 at some point (Win7 Ultimate atm) maybe this helps? Does someone have experience/suggestions with Win10?

    Edit: @M5.Scooby Have you reinstalled your Windows? It's highly recommended to reinstall Windows whenever you replace any hardware that uses a driver (e.g. graphic card). It may work if you use "DriverSweeper" in SafeMode, but it's best (because of registry entries) to reinstall your Windows. If you have an external hard drive, 2nd computer or something similar, it would be even better to format the partition your Windows is installed on. Though it may maybe not help with AA:PG in particular, I still would do that :-)
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