Ping issue gamebrowser

The ping shown in the game browser of our server is always double then the ping in site the game. People who dont know that do not join the server because they see a much higher ping then in reality.

Tested it with windows ping and ping sites, real ping for example was 40 and in gamebrowser it shows 80, its always double as it changes.

How come?


  • SLaYeR_DQSLaYeR_DQ Posts: 19Player
    Happen the same to me when I tested... Our server (not the its not the only one where this happens.

    Please address this issue as quick as possible.

  • weakness_aaweakness_aa Posts: 147Player
    I'm not sure the ping value displayed is the ping from your gaming machine to the server. It could be a ping from AAPG Master Browser Server to the server in question. Can a Dev elaborate on this?
  • frankoffrankof Posts: 1,049Moderator
    Unless something has changed, the latency shown in game is a calculated value with info piggybacking on other game packets, there's no dedicated protocol like the icmp echo request used when you "ping" a server.
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