TunnelCollapse - AAPG Revival

ModtoolsModtools Posts: 282Player
Hey Guys,
made a map revival from the old AA2 Maps Collapsed Tunnel.


its a complete rework of the map only the layout was still there.
Hope it will bring fun to you.

Gz Modtools


  • `xinoN`xinoN Posts: 359Player
    It looks great. Great job... however why no fog? Add some fog :)
    Oh well.
  • ModtoolsModtools Posts: 282Player
    had problems on lightbuilding using fog . got some overblended fog -> displayed as white barrier

    but will try it soon - will make my own fog :-P
  • 4DChessGenius4DChessGenius Posts: 2,161Player
    Sounds fun :smile: . Hope someone puts out a Weapons Cache soon.
    You joined the world's greatest army to become a graphic artist? Outstanding!
  • ModtoolsModtools Posts: 282Player
    why weapons cache ?
  • -=}WoLvErInE{=--=}WoLvErInE{=- Posts: 1,162Beta Tester
    Nice work MT! :+1:

    Make them all. :D The more the merrier. ;)
  • iNv|revert-iNv|revert- Posts: 96Player
    good stuff
  • `xinoN`xinoN Posts: 359Player
    Collapsed Tunnel was one of the most popular comp maps. I say take the map and make a tourney.
    Oh well.
  • ModtoolsModtools Posts: 282Player
    @Wolverine: good idea will try to remake the most maps which hadnt been done for now.
    but first i must write some of my exams

    next mapproject will be some kind of airfield (suggest military or civil [perhaps remake of an old AA Map])

    If there are some wishes or suggestions for further projects pls write it here or in a PM to me

    Gz Modtools
  • IO_i_OIIO_i_OI Posts: 1,107Player
    Nice job! I forgot that old map.
    googley avatar aapg

  • ModtoolsModtools Posts: 282Player
    on wish of some old players i added some possibilities for the attack team to surprise the defenders already waiting at the extract.

    Hope this will make some fun.
    I wont say what it is but to the defenders there is blowing the wind of change :-P
  • 4DChessGenius4DChessGenius Posts: 2,161Player
    why weapons cache ?

    It was extremely popular back in the old days and a fun map.
    You joined the world's greatest army to become a graphic artist? Outstanding!
  • ModtoolsModtools Posts: 282Player
    after much requests to add some new elements to the map and light it up it will give a redesigned map
    theme and lighing were reedited also i added a second extraction ....

    let you surprise
    it will take a bit time to finish this changes

    i will look perhaps i will make weapons cache
  • SL_zmB;)SL_zmB;) Posts: 95Player
    I only read Tunnel...
    ..so YES man! :dizzy:
  • ModtoolsModtools Posts: 282Player
    added a whole new region to the map
    being also in the tunnel theme
    a second objective/extraction should make the gameplay better balanced for 12vs12 matches
  • ModtoolsModtools Posts: 282Player
    edited March 2016
    UPDATE in Progress.
    ADDED some new spaces... second obi

    Splitted old dark tunnel to own map
    -> TunnelCollapseNVG
    old small map with NVG

    new map with more places and 2 Extractions

    new screenshots will follow
  • ModtoolsModtools Posts: 282Player
    Update is out !
    Added some new screenshots

    Have fun
  • ModtoolsModtools Posts: 282Player
    Fixed some Black Meshes
    Fixed Black doors
    Setted Door open direction in runways right now
    added reporting volumes to the new areas
  • iNv|eKCommiNv|eKComm Posts: 394Player
    Looks pretty cool. I don't normally like it when remakes attempt to add or change the original. Specially when it was as great of a map as collapsed tunnel was. I think the beauty in maps this is that everyone (in comp at least) is more or less doing the exact same thing every round. It forced players to get very creative with how they peaked corners / bounced flashes / ect. Basically, it makes the micro play so much more interesting.
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  • ModtoolsModtools Posts: 282Player
    thank you very much:-D

    loved to make experiments with the doors in this map
    will make a door tutorial :awesome:
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