Disapearing Golden Hawkeye

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I got a goldenhawkeye sometime last week to 10 days or so ago and it was showing in the challenge for M4 Artic Skin but i was only on 400 or soo kills then. Now i nearing the end of the 1000 kills i have noticed it now shows as having no Hawkeye. It was there for about a week now it gone???


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    At this point I don't think any of the stats are reliable anymore, we might as well just disconnect the database.
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    Yup. I finally got my golden hawkeye (been trying for a month) for my last skin (?) for the M4A1 and when I booted into the game today, it was gone. Stats are messed up too. Hopefully we will have a fix soon. :)

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    Never mind i got onather today :smiley:
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    Challenges is a bit special and not always to clear.
    You can get a golden hawkey in a round with any weapon, but unless you do it with the correct weapon it wont count towards your challenge progress.
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    No I had the Golden Hawkeye showing in the challenge screen as having one golden Hawkeye but I was still only at 700 kills or so. Then a week later when I was on 900+ kills it showed as no Golden Hawkeye. It was the last M$ challenge and I have had to get 2 Golden Hawkeyes for the previous Skins so I know how they work. It was there for a few days then gone. Got it now anyhow :)
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