Changing footstep sounds

I have been trying to work out if it is possible to change the footstep sounds on the map to reduce the volume of some of them in certain areas.
I know the footstep sound in linked to the material used on the mesh which you step on (e.g. metal mesh with metal texture give metallic sound).
I thought changing the material of the floor to the carpet texture might give a more muffled sound, but it still just uses the same default sound as walking on stone, concrete and 90% of the other materials in game.

I found a Youtube video of someone using UDK to edit a material, and also add an extra group reference to a file called UTPawnSoundGroup, but this file is not part of our editor.

Is there a way to edit a material, or add a different footstep sound which is either muffled or a lower default volume, to stop footsteps from being heard two rooms away?

I know with the new beta, they are using a different sound renderer which will support occlusion better, but I feel just adjusting the actual sound would be better for me.


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    As far as I know you need to look into the physical materials (but I'm really not into this stuff). Each Material has one Physical material linked to it. These determine footsteps, bullet impact effects etc. However, I don't know how can you change the power of a sound with them, I didn't mess with them so far. You probably need to create a custom Physical material, copy the setting of the one you want to modify, then mess with some numbers.

    I'm not sure if it is possible to reduce the radius of footsteps thou...
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    It's a waste of effort right now. You should wait till wwise is fully integrated and optimized.
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