Teamwarfare America's Army Ides of March Open Invitational

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We look forward to seeing everyone there! This tournament will be our first tournament for AA:PG on our temporary script and open to the first 16 teams to register. We are hosting this tournament to help build our community back while we work on our customer league/ladder scripts. Check us out at The only prizes here, will be a graphic for your website and a high five. This is purely for fun.

America's Army Ides of March Open

No of Teams: 16
Type: Single Elimination

Welcome to America's Army Ides of March Open.

This will be a max of 16 teams.

Teams will have a max of 10 players on their roster.

We encourage all teams to read the rules and make sure you download MOSS AC Client. This tournament will be a 4v4 and you will have a whole week to complete your games. The default day will be Wednesday at 9PM EST and the cut off time will be 11:59PM EST on Wednesday night. The tournament will open on March 15, and teams have 1 week to complete each round.

  • ROUND 1 - Mar 16-22
  • ROUND 2 - Mar 23-29
  • ROUND 3 - Mar 30-Apr 5
  • ROUND 4 - Apr 6-12


If you have any questions or concerns please add the AAPG Admins to steam or email them.


TWL|Mr Inevitability:

We look forward to seeing you all out to play!!
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    Why 4v4?

    All TWL past events have all been 5v5. Aside from 7v7 tournament and 3v3 ladder/1v1 ladder. All the maps in this game support 5v5 better that's the reason we played 5v5 N/A in the beginning. EURO side has always been 5v5 for a reason.

    The idea for 4v4 on the N/A side was supposed to bring more teams when a bunch of teams left like jCp, iog, 2k2s, crU, etc... It never did the only thing that brought more teams was seperate divisions but that splits the already small community up and gives you less teams than you had in the first place due to 2 divisions. Most teams have 8-15 or more players and none of those players want to split off and create their own team players want to be on a decent team.

    FGNLeague is doing 5v5 as well. We currently have 14 teams and will most likely have 16 teams to start the first season with.

    We also have edited default maps and ported them into User Made Comp Maps. We redid crossfire with the intention of making it play well 5v5 because it was the only map that played well 4v4 and didnt play well 5v5. It now plays really well 5v5. We removed supported from every map as well as other things. Then we make sure they work 5v5 which isn't hard because almost every map in the game already played well/better 5v5.

    Overall it's your choice but I refuse to support 4v4 any longer due to reasons above! (The main reason being maps in the game are meant for 6v6 in pubz and play great 5v5. Playing these maps competitively is much more fun 5v5 rather than 4v4) Take notice from the EURO scene they have always had a bigger community than N/A and they have always maintained 5v5 even though their community keeps getting smaller and smaller to the point where both N/A and EU probably have about the same amount of teams still playing this game.

    Pie charts + Graphs= Very Bad.

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    ^ would much rather it be 5v5
  • I'll speak with the other admins tonight.
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    Just add to this everyone here

    All said 5v5 there was no one asking for 4v4. I don't know of any team that can field 4 but not 5. We used 5v5 in the beginning. I have for the most part only played AAPG in 5v5. I dediced to play my first season on fragged nation season 4 (4v4 - it is not very fun and what I remembered AAPG competition to be in the first year of this game)
    Pie charts + Graphs= Very Bad.

  • The place to make your voice heard is in the AA:PG forums.
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  • iNv|mikEy2kiNv|mikEy2k Posts: 96Player
    I think a 5v5 with a forced m24 role would be fun and make the game less 1 dimensional.
  • iNv|mikEy2kiNv|mikEy2k Posts: 96Player
    Won't let me edit via phone but I meant, 3 rifles, 1 AR, 1 m24.
  • We have put up a poll for public voting on whether to change the format to 5 v 5 or keep it 4 v 4. Your votes COUNT! So go vote:

    This poll will be open for one week. After which, we will have a vote on the loadouts.
    TWL| Mr. Inevitability
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    We still have a number of slots still open, hurry and join before signups close.
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