Great Outdoors Map Contest: Winner #3

Our final winner is (Sm)AllTerrain by Keebler750! This map really took the Great Outdoors theme to heart by focusing, as the map name suggests, on an entirely terrain based environment. The map offers an interesting take on our current Extract objective, creating a fresh and unique gameplay experience. The large hill in the center of the map provides a number of important services to the playspace. It limits sightlines down the central portion of the map, incentivizing snipers and DMs to pick a side and move that direction in an attempt to lock down the nearest extract point. It also gives riflemen a place to go where their lack of a powerful optic is not as much of a disadvantage. Once the CQB forces acquire the flag it is always interesting to see the communication that takes place while the team develops a quick exit strategy. The dash for the extract point is always an exciting moment as well.

If the map stumbles anywhere it is in the cleanliness of the terrain and major rock assets. Collision issues frequently pop up, particularly in some of the higher traffic areas of the map and there are also, at times, communication issues for key routes around the map. Our team feels like these are issues we can easily clean up and when we do the map should play better than ever.

Everyone please take a moment to congratulate Keebler750 on a job well done! If you would like to play his map and the other two winning maps, we will be hopping on the servers tomorrow afternoon (around 2pm central time) to give them a go!

We will be wrapping up work on Homestead over the next few days and will then begin immediately working on these contest winners. The plan is to spend 2-3 weeks on each map, mainly just cleaning them up where necessary. Once we have them all in a state we are happy with, we will be releasing them in to the official build.

I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who submitted a map competition. The turnout was HUGE and we received a number of high quality maps. Cutting the field down to the Top 3 was not an easy process, but we are extremely happy with the three maps we ended up with. All three do a great job representing the 'Great Outdoors' theme in their own unique way and the maps offer up a nice variety of gameplay experiences.

Keep an eye out here on the forums as we plan to continue running map contests in the future. I imagine the next contest will begin fairly soon!


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