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The last weeks i made a rebuild of AA3 Impact for AAPG with AAPG & AA3 Assets.
I tried to lower the size of Impact and made a completely new map based on Impact.
Size:168Mb (but Steam does only download 68Mb)

Also i tried to make a new Scenery of a modern besieged city with objectives to capture and hold like in reality. (Central Hotel, AntiAir, Radar, electricity Plant, Radiostation)

The charm of the old Impact should be there and recognizable too.

Hope it will make you much fun.
Also i will know if you like it :-D

Here the link:

Sorry hadnt time to upload screenshots yet

Gz Modtools


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    Great looking rebuild Modtools! Impact was one of 2 favorite maps of mine in AA3.

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    Looks good I will add it to our server.
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    # BUGFIXES 1:
    -fixed some outward holes which made it possible to leave the map.
    -reduced the targets to three and only take and hold
    -fixed some lighting issues
    -fixed some mesh holes players falling through the map

    #BUGFIX 2:
    -fixed some lighting issues
    -made 3 random Groups taking 3 other objectives each round
    -fixed some glitches

    if someone is interested how to make multiple possible random mapsets of objectives plas ask me :-D
    Perhaps i will make a tutorial on this.

    THX Hammer and DELTON for your praise
    Gz Modtools
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    I've not yet played on it, but I can tell you by offline loading into it that the truck besides one of the spawns is WAY too loud. Impact was one of my favorite maps from AA3 so i'll definitely be trying it out.
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    did some bugfixes:

    #BUGFIX 3:
    -fixed soundvolumes also the loud teamtank on spawn.
    -surround sound was added and the reverbvolume fitted to aapg settings
    -The problem that Z was not displayed when randomized was solved -hopefully

    Hope it will be more fun now
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    Lighting was fixed now some of the updates broke the lighting
    (or it was myself -.-)

    so now it must be better
    Have fun
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    some hint for all mappers dont forget to uncheck "dynamic light" if you want that your sun is shining if players have unchecked dynamic lights
  • ModtoolsModtools Posts: 282Player
    dynamic light must be setted on to enjoy the whole mapfeeling
  • ModtoolsModtools Posts: 282Player
    Bugfix 2 for today but not more....
    fixed bugging blockingvolumes "Invisible Walls" making nades coming back to you :awesome:
    should now been fixed
    random objectives were changed that they can be 2 times the same obi in row
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