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{4F}'s roots date back to the very first versions of Americas Army. {4F} was formed 13 years ago to give our children an entertaining place to play, that promoted good manners, conservative values, Judeo-Christian ethics and fun. We remain, to this day, a safe place for our children to play AAPG with their family. Many of our members are young parents, with young children, some a little older with teenagers. Not all members have children, but all sign on to keep the kids safe. If you're interested in playing with a team oriented clan, without all the drama, informed by values our parents instilled in us, maybe you're what {4F} is looking for. Please, stop by our website www.4fsoldiers.com and read the "About Us" section.

BTW, {4F} stands for Family, Friends, Freedom and Fun. We'll see you at your spawn.



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