Great Outdoors Map Contest: The Top 10

We have narrowed our field of 40 submissions down to the Top 10! Our decision to include these maps in our Top 10 are based primarily on theming, build quality, and aesthetics. We now have a list of quality map submissions that is small enough we can reasonably invest the playtesting they need to get a proper feel for how the maps play. While theming, build quality, and aesthetics will continue to be factors in determining our Final 3, now gameplay can begin to take over as a major deciding factor. So, with that out of the way, here is our Top 10!

(Sm)AllTerrain (Keebler750)
Cabin Fever TH (=groundhog=)
Creeping (Gindungo_ANG)
Ghost Rider (=[SK]=Ronniii*DK)
Jungle Hunt (-Flops-)
Mud Boggin (-Flops-)
Patrol Trapped (RedBaron64(ITA))
Resistance (=R*C=-snom-)
Stone Ruins (RedBaron64(ITA))
Worksite (=U^S=_Mason)


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