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Good evening,
Do you know any using the online championships fps games?
Like the TWL used in AA2.8.5 version.
I've been researching and found big names, but old and that do not support the AAPG, they are Octinium, SGLAC, X-Ray, AxMonitor, BELAC, ESL Aequitas, DETOX, CleanDOD.
But all of them do not support AAPG or are bankrupt.
I do not know if I was clear in explaining, I hope you understand.
Can anyone help me in this matter?


  • SacchoSaccho Posts: 1,577Player
    Tournaments at ESL were using ESL Wire. You could ask there for more information about the current situation with that.

    Another private program was briefly used during beta but was discontinued. It led to some false PunkBuster bans that were later reversed.

    I'm not aware of any other security suites being used with AAPG at this time.
  • Thanks Saccho
  • Unsuccessfully, has no support for anticheat AAPG players.
    A good thing to think programmers.
    A great dissatisfaction.
  • C*D*N-RexconC*D*N-Rexcon Posts: 10Player
    I would like to know of one also... thank you for this post interesting
  • SSKnecaboSSKnecabo Posts: 2,721Player
    ESL wire is amazing. Easily set up and you're in the game in no time.
  • .dcG-Colts^.dcG-Colts^ Posts: 1,973Player
    FGNLeauge will be using MOSS anti-cheat...
    Pie charts + Graphs= Very Bad.

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