[bug] Achievements unlockable?

ToetieToetie Posts: 3Player
Hi guys,
I noticed that some achievements stay unlocked even though I did them, for example the HANO (killed from falling damage) and jack of all trades achievements don't work for me. Is there a solution for this?


  • Master_Ghost_KnightMaster_Ghost_Knight Posts: 20Player
    edited January 2016
    They worked for me.
    However truth be told. Jack of all trades didn't work for me the first time. The last time I did it (which was pretty recent) I sticked to the same class for 2 rounds just to be sure, then I had to wait for the end of the match to have it awarded (it is not awarded as soon as you do all 4 classes). HANO should be pretty easy, there is no way you could fail that. Just go to bridge and jump of the stairs, Achievement unlocked!
  • ToetieToetie Posts: 3Player
    Hmm strange, I will just keep trying them. Looking like a fool jumping from up and over in hospital :p thanks!
  • T.AshbyT.Ashby Posts: 24Player
    There are definitely plenty of bugged achievements. Some for me are : Taste your own medicine, Two Birds - One Stone, and Everybody's Buddy, the first two of which I have done dozens of times, including today.
  • T.AshbyT.Ashby Posts: 24Player
    More achievements that have failed to unlock (either mine or a friends):

    Bomb Gardener
    Guidon Guardian
    Army Strong
  • pushkinpushkin Posts: 7Player
  • T.AshbyT.Ashby Posts: 24Player
    I would add Gold Digger to this list, as I am 90% sure I have gold on all shoothouses, but did not get this. I'm only 90% as I can't figure out any way to check to know for sure.
  • T.AshbyT.Ashby Posts: 24Player
    I did No Scoped! again and it worked, for what it's worth.
  • T.AshbyT.Ashby Posts: 24Player
    I've noticed that the complete a match on overload achievement registers on this site but does not communicate with steam.
  • ~Gorilla~~Gorilla~ Posts: 793Administrator
    Try to verify the integrity of the game. Then try them again.
  • --V3K1----V3K1-- Posts: 1Player
    edited December 2017
    Gold Digger is not working.
    Have all medals with gold but the Gold Digger archivement is not unlocked.

    Ohh Gold Digger needs Time. Now i have that.
  • valid|Vlad_Tepes*valid|Vlad_Tepes* Posts: 17Player
    edited December 2017
    achievement is not reflected in steam
    bUG Achievements:OverlordOfOverload
    Win a match on Overload.

    I have had this problem for a long time!

    Send claims to both parties, steam and to game support, and nothing :(

  • ~Gorilla~~Gorilla~ Posts: 793Administrator
    edited December 2017
    Noted. We will have a look at as soon as possible.
  • Noted. We will have a look at as soon as possible.

    Thank you !! B)
  • BeerPigBeerPig Posts: 7Player
    Sorry to reply to this nearly 500 day old discussion but I still have some bugs mentioned above...

    For example Achievements:OverlordOfOverload is still not registering to my steam account.

    Anyone else have the same problems?
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