UUM for AAPG - MissileSilo

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Hey Guys,
i made a map named MissileSilo



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    Looks good. will try it soon. Thx.
  • [ENG]Uni-Sol[ENG]Uni-Sol Posts: 3,193Player
    I can tell from the screenies this map must have taken you a long time! I'm also a big fan of underground bunker settings :)

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    Yep! That looks like a lot of hard work. Very nice!!

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    if you have some suggestions pls post them :-)
    there are a few places which seem to be a little bit empty.
    It`s still in phase "work in progress".
    I made this map in 2-4Weeks (1 Week background research - bunker plans - photos of my grandpa - stories of my father)

    1. Level: Garage , loading ramp, decontamination room
    2. Level: storage area , commandroom, controlroom, crew cabins , toilets shower , officer cabin , medic room, cafeteria
    3. Level: life support systems, fuel depots, generator, ...

    Special thanks to you wolverine your praise mean a lot to me.
    Thank you all for testing my map.
    Hope you will be a lot of fun :smiley:
    Gz Modtools

    (PS: more maps are comming but first i must write my university exams :-P)
    (Also look at my outdoor map for Great Outdoor Map Contest named "Ambush"
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    I updated the map and fixed some little bugs -
    #some soundfixes
    #ladder is now climbable from upper to lower
    #killed some lights for more bunker feeling :-)
    #fixed some bugs with collisionmodels
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    googley avatar aapg

  • ModtoolsModtools Posts: 282Player
    #BUGFIX2: fixed some stucking and hanging bugs in runways
    lighting lowered in some places
    ladder fixed and lowlevel for better performance
    both teams can now win the map by capturing and hold all objectives
    objectives and briefing texts fixed - are now fully displayed

    thank you all for now over 500 subscriptions :-D
    keep on reporting bugs and give me new ideas for this and further maps

    Gz Mod
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    thx for now over 1000 subscriptions

    i will update this map over and over

    if you have some suggestions pls say...
  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,607Beta Tester
    Does anyone ever give you actual feedback? I never get any from players without actually asking them directly in server, and even then they are pretty busy with their gaming to say much.


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    Feedback is like a holy grail, i learned that quite early on, in the end you just start to do things all 'willy nilly' and pretend people have asked you to do it :lol:

    These official comps are a goldmine for mappers, I think the devs recognize that.
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  • ModtoolsModtools Posts: 282Player
    yep serverfeedback is not so good.
    Also i won t edit something in my map cuz only 1 player did say it.

    My maps are all based on concrete ideas and tellings and inspired through my own technical knowledge.

    But its one thing to make a map,
    and to create a real gameplay which brings fun to everyone.

    Also i am not a professional.
    Posting here in the official forum i hope to get some feedback of other mappers and devs.

    Greez Modtools
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    major sound update made
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