website pages loading slow

for the last 2 nights now, the website/forum have had periods where webpages have been taking extremely long times to load.
are the devs aware of the issue?



  • [eSC]General.Jung[eSC]General.Jung Posts: 144Player
    edited May 2015
    I can confirm that, it just happened to me again, so the logs of the last 10 minutes could be helpful.
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  • KodenKoden Posts: 284Player
    I thought it was an issue on my side (my connection), it's loading really slow for me aswell. But not all the time, though.
  • frankoffrankof Posts: 1,077Moderator
    502 Bad Gateway
    Thats pretty common for me.
  • [ENG]Uni-Sol[ENG]Uni-Sol Posts: 3,193Player
    edited May 2015
    Yep, it's painfully slow at times, has to be said. Like right now it's probably going to take a few minutes for the 'Post Comment' button to allow me to depress it.

    I can make a coffee while waiting 3 minutes for a refresh.
  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,621Beta Tester
    I'm seeing it too, way up here in the far north............ :)
  • Gronfather@TwitchGronfather@Twitch Posts: 466Player
    Loads fine for me, you all need a second job so you can buy that big-boi interent lol
  • .dcG-Colts^.dcG-Colts^ Posts: 1,973Player
    AA2 did it much better the forums loaded instantly and wasn't run and gun like this new forum.

    Where did my Troll click go next to disagree? You huge trollololol.

  • [ENG]Uni-Sol[ENG]Uni-Sol Posts: 3,193Player
    Most of the time its fine, then there are times where it completely sucks.. like going back to 56k dial up.

    It's quite easy to notice when you practically live on the forums like (saddo) me :lol:
  • TheTotsTheTots Posts: 2,279Player
    This is being investigated by top men.
  • [ENG]Uni-Sol[ENG]Uni-Sol Posts: 3,193Player
    TheTots wrote: »
    This is being investigated by top men.

    I wanted to 'like' but had to 'agree' :)
  • IO_i_OIIO_i_OI Posts: 1,107Player
    My pages load fine. No problem on this site except with the users on it. :p
  • m_hermannm_hermann Posts: 656Moderator
    When I get it on AA forums, I also get it on other forums. A few minutes late its all good.
  • iNv|eKCommiNv|eKComm Posts: 394Player
    haven't noticed
  • .shhfiftyfive-.shhfiftyfive- Posts: 495Player
    edited May 2015
    you'd have to have been trying using the forums/website late night / early morning the weds/thurs/friday to have noticed. it lasted several hours from at least midnight central to early morning hours, and would intermittently clear up for very short moments with instant page loads, then go back to mostly loading really slow, from 5-60 seconds per page.

  • Gronfather@TwitchGronfather@Twitch Posts: 466Player
    Negative. Grandma was slow....
  • .shhfiftyfive-.shhfiftyfive- Posts: 495Player
    right now in the last 10 minutes or so the website has not been loading well. like 1 minute to load a page.

  • .!.dgodfather.!.dgodfather Posts: 461Player
    Empty your cookies and browser cache. Sometimes those things get corrupt and cause issues.
  • .shhfiftyfive-.shhfiftyfive- Posts: 495Player
    it's better now but i didn't touch my browser cookies to make it better...

  • .!.dgodfather.!.dgodfather Posts: 461Player
    It isn't always the problem, but it's pretty common.

    Some servers do caching as well and you may have to wait for the cache to be updated on it's own. Sometimes it really is just a bad connection as well, but not nearly as often as the other problems stated.
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