Local or server resources required for live streaming cameras?

After following the two people on the forum that have posted tutorials for live streaming security cameras, I have added them to my map. In fact, I have 8 of them running, 7 of which are shown on two separate sets of monitors (7 cameras, 2x7+1 monitors)..


They work fine in the editor.
They work fine in single player.
They even work fine on the server for me, but...

...most people, when they join the server, experience a massive drop in frame rate, especially those people with less than powerful PCs. I run fine, but I have a fairly high spec PC.

Can someone tell me where the processing is done for the SceneCapture2DActor classes when used on a server to constantly stream to materials on meshes?
Does each player have to calculate their own captured video, or does the server do the calculations?

Also, how much extra load do these capture classes add depending on the far plane distance set? Some cameras are set to 3000; is this too far?

I am going to remove some of the cameras/materials to see if it improves performance, but this seems like a big problem if I can't add more.
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