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I was hoping to start a Linux port discussion here. For those of you waiting for one, of course.

Some of my thoughts:
I know it seems impossible, but I really hope that the developers of AA:PG will look into Vulkan. Unlike DX12, Vulkan will cover all forms of graphics cards (even integrated!) and across OSes, unlike DX12, to OSes even like XP or Vista. It could help not just a Linux port, but help the Windows version of this game as well. Immensely.

Though either way, I would be excited to see a Linux port in itself and I remember reading that it was going to happen. I don't know if that has been changed recently, but maybe this discussion thread can help or keep the demand alive. :)

Overall, I can't wait for Vulkan. They are still going over some legal issues, but soon enough it will be out. Star Citizen will implement it (and use it for the Linux port, though they said something about rewriting the backend of OpenGL or something like that) and supposedly a couple of AAA games will too in '16-17.

So, any other Linux gamer looking forward to it or wish to discuss this?

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