Server kicking players to the main menu

I have had a lot of issues with my server kicking players to the main menu at the conclusion of a match during map change. It is kind of random and ranges from kicking everyone in the server to just a couple players and everything in between. Players can easily reconnect, but sometimes it kills the game when not enough players rejoin. Is anyone else having this issue?


  • yup I have been finding that its only on servers with added maps. Say the map that should load is "woods " well instead of saying " woods " when you hit a key to enter it will say "AEentry" . Not sure why this is happening but has been way worse since last patch
  • =U^S=_Mason=U^S=_Mason Posts: 172Player
    This occurs because the server is building the shaders for the next map. This process is very taxing on the cpu. The more robust the cpu the faster the compile, the "sear" function during map publishing process addressed this, but it appears to be broken now.
  • RonaghRonagh Posts: 1Player
    edited December 2015
    I'v been getting something simlier but as it shows the camera mode it kick's me from the game and say's Punkbuster has kicked this player [ for 0 mins.... Restriction service]
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