UMM Map Sounds

Seems some UMM sounds have disappeared or levels have changed since last patch . I know the sounds issues since last patch seem to be a taboo subject as no one will answer my questions on it lol . But do i have to rebuild and republish all my maps ? or will it fix itself next patch ( when ever that may be ). Any help with info would be great

Thanks all


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    Yes all UMM's have sound 1st round and 8th round on switch, then they lose sound. It's a bug, something to do with not resetting. I'm sure it will get fixed.
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    awesome thanks so ill hold off on rebuilding and republishing
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    I know the sounds issues since last patch seem to be a taboo subject as no one will answer my questions on it lol .

    I would love to help but to be fair, whatever I said would be probably completely wrong. Not at all well versed in all the red tape of this Wwise to be confident enough to help.

    Man, I'm that good.. I couldnt even manage get a simple elevator button clicking sound to actually activate a sound on a touch trigger, even after a weeks trial and error and a lot of Steam convo's :lol:
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    lol im hoping they are not answering cause they are working to fix it 24/7 , its aweful sounds in game i can only play 20 mins at a time lol , Wwise is actually not to bad to play with , i can say this as i have many years in the audio engineering trade , but there is a free version you can get and play with from the site .
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    If u mail them u can get temp year licence for full package wwise.
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    Yes have same thing, lose sound when live on server like wolvie said
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    The dev's have answered this.
    Last I hear they are working on a fix so hopefully it will be put out soon.

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    December 17 One of our sound engineers is looking into the sound now. Will report back!"
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    I'd suggest doing nothing to the sounds right now till the fix it, you might end up screwing all your sounds up and not know it, because if the way they're working now. Work on everything else and leave sound for last.
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    yeah i havent touched any sounds so far , hopefully nothing will have to change or thats going to be alot of republishes , might crash steam :open_mouth:
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