"New Player Experience" changes on full release?



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    Problem is not with people not knowing what to do. Problem is with people (including current players) who think that you can just run & gun and win regardless of objectives. They don't pick up teammates, they don't complete objectives. Heck, last night I was on an official server, nobody picked up the flag (finally I picked it up), I made a comment about it and a few guys were "who cares about flag/objective?" and such.
    Players, including current players need to understand and accept the fact that although killing opponents sometimes may work, the majority of the time what will work is teamwork and completing objectives. So players need to get in the habit of picking teammates when possible and #1 goal is complete the objective.

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    that "who cares about flag/objective?" attitude/sentiment is a symptom of the game:
    1. having round timers so graciously long that an objective/timer never factors in to pressure players to do anything but kill all the remaining enemies...
    i'm fine with round timers being long IF the gameplay pace calls for it, but this game pace is very fast. it has no doors, allows spam through walls, has static OBJ points, you can clear an area of enemy quickly and isolate where they remain in no time, windows are abused for supported positions and vaulting through... instead of smaller windows solely for viewing and unsupported fire not vaulting, game is dominated by ADS strafe and spray, sprint/slide + reload, fire on the move, bandage yourself, pistol swap > reload, etc, etc.
    2. also the way this game so far has not been known for offering great maps/missions with multiple win conditions... (instead you will kill all the enemies just by clearing the OBJ area???!?!). most aapg official maps are too small and/or mostly revolve around a isolating your defense to focus on a single OBJ area (pickup/extraction/bomb plant).
    that boils down to you will have to kill entire defense team before you can touch the OBJ because it is simply not safe to do it until you clear the area, which ends up being win via TDM. and with the way the maps are so small or lack enough avenues that the most likely case for winning is just inadvertently hunt down the enemies and eliminate them. the maps are not well designed for a real "mission" like the various aa2 mission types.
    i mean deciding between planting bomb at x or y is okay, but it is flawed in this game because the defense can read which way you are going and stack defense on that. especially if they find the bomb... it's a real problem. this game needs more mission types like we've seen in aa2. 2 bomb sites is really quite easy to defend against compared to other mission types aa2 offered. just note how most aa2 maps for example had an indoor section and an outdoor section... and had multiple objective areas, and multiple win conditions. it forced defense to spread instead of stack. it was hard for the defenders to know which way the assault team was planning on trying to win. not true in aapg.
    and if a player cleared an OBJ area in aa2, then you were able to do that OBJ, but just clearing that OBJ of enemies didn't inadvertently end the round like aapg nearly ALWAYS does, because there were enemies in other parts of the map defending another OBJ... a step in the right direction would be the new FLO watchdog activate 2 out of 3 to win... but still i wish we could get a lot more maps like that where there are a lot of dynamic approaches mid round... both teams have to defend 2 out of 3 (mout) or defend 2 out of 4 (pipeline) or defend 2 out of 2 (insurgent camp) etc etc etc. or put a moving target (vip) in the start of the round (full hospital/dusk)

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    Ultimately it's up to the individual though how he chose to play pub!.. some people don't like revives so they chose not to or think it's too big of a risk..that's up to them. Similar to objectives, you can do all those changes you're still not guaranteed obj play over death match.

    CS is similar last night when I played it was mostly death match over obj planting ... it all depends who you play with.
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    It's simple.

    Players feel that the chance of them being able to kill off the rest of the enemy team while maintaining a positive k/d is big enough for them to ignore the objective, or they wouldn't be turning almost every match into TDM. There is no risk. And there is no urgency because there is no risk, not because the round times are (still) too long.

    A reason could be that the game is too easy in the form of not having any significant negative effects on being injured and animations being so fast. Even a red player will stay in a deathmatch state of mind.

    The other thing is map design and objectives as shhfiftyfive stated above.

    Players need a reason to want or have to do the objectives.
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    =IK=Doba= wrote: »
    I mean how much easier could it get?

    Built in unreal tournament style aimbots.

    edit: "mechanical aim assistance"
    TheTots wrote:
    I think this thread has run it's course......
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    very good points about the game design, however unless we want to all buy the game from the Army, there is nothing we can do about the game design. However what we can do as players is always emphasize that teamwork/objectives/good comms (mic usage) are mandatory and always remind players of that.

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    Maybe to encourage the completion of objectives they could offer a bigger payout in experience or something for players under level five? Could give them enough incentive to try and also learn the game for the exp which might make them want to do the objectives more often.

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