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i've been playing for a bit and i still dont understand the ping and what not. i played with a high FPS but was lagging. do i want a higher ping, what unit is ping in.


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    Ping is measured in milliseconds. 1000 ms == 1 second, so a ping of 100 is one-tenth of a second.

    Ping is the round-trip time for your machine to send a packet to the server and get a response back. A lower ping means you're communicating more quickly with the server and what you experience is more in sync with what everybody else is seeing at the time.

    Ideally, you'll want to play with as low a ping value as possible. Some tips:
    - avoid playing over a wireless internet connection. A wired connection will be more reliable and lower-ping
    - play on servers close to home. Sort the server browser by ping to find the servers that will work best for you
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    So, if you want to kill every enemy then make sure your ping is over 300 and the enemy's ping is only 30. Then watch and see how quick you get flamed or kicked. It is polite to play on servers you see with the lowest ping. Many will thank you for it.

    Thank you!
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