Possible to get a Competitive Game Mode similar to that of CS:GO?

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Exactly as the title says really. Do you think it is a good idea? Is it possible?
I would personally love to have a competitive mode with a ban system for failure to play competitively, for going idle for a long time, with a separate ranking system, with a separate stat tracker, with a specific set of rules, party system, map rotation, etc. It certainly would change the dynamic of competitive play, attract more casual players, and maybe even catch onto popularity.

Does anyone think that the Dev's would consider this ?


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    With which playerbase are you planning to do that? Especially since most players prefer to play with their clans and just having fun.
  • ]TDF[Buster]TDF[Buster Posts: 21Player
    Well i was more or less talking about a automated system like CS:GO's ... automatically set's up the match for you based on many factors.
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    Yes but how many hours are you planning to wait for a game?
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    The CS:GO system will allow you to play with your friends and will allow you to create a party, and then find a match with enough empty places for you and your friends. It factors in skill levels, and tries to pit you against a team with a similar skill level. http://counterstrike.wikia.com/wiki/Competitive has a lot of information. The ranking system is not perfect, human factors always come into play.
    A comp. game mode would be a good to me because it most likely would get more popular, and then the rule set used could be used for private leagues that are out there now as the standard, so when you are playing casually you can play comp mode with the same rules, with other players that want to get better and not just chat your ear off, and still have fun all while basically practicing for your league. Then you can have league matches for top tier play where its you and your clan vs another clan on a separate ranking system.
  • ]TDF[Buster]TDF[Buster Posts: 21Player
    I do admit that AAPG does not have a lot of players currently. But I think that the competitive game mode that cs go has is 1 major factor into its popularity in general.
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    It would maybe work if we just randomly put people into games. Dividing into ranks would make the queues way too long. And if we put people into games randomly there is a high chance one team will just crush the other team (especially if people can queue up as 5 premades). Doubt it would work out on the long run.

    Another thing when comparing CS:GO and AA:PG is that CS:GO is built for competition so the competitive mode makes a lot of sense, AA:PG is rather arcadish and not meant for competitive play.
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    AAPG still has a chance for competitive play though, the elements are there. There are quite a few strong and pretty balanced maps, We have players that are obsessed with competition and last time i posted about it, i got flamed on and trolled on. That tells me that some people really want to be serious about it. I don't see any harm in trying to make a comp system, if it failed it would fail, but if it caught on, then i think numbers will steadily go up.
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    I think everyone (also comp players) agree that the playerbase is just way too small for anything like that. Not sure what others think about AA:PG being good in terms of competitive play but IMO CS:GO is way better. Rewarding good plays, punishing bad plays, AA:PG is a little too random in that regard for me.
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    Already discussed before open beta in a private comp team. It might be good for later, but for now we don't have the amount of people playing to justify the amount of resources needed for this system.

    Don't get me wrong, I am in favour of this idea - But I have to stay realistic as well.
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    I would play this
  • ]TDF[Buster]TDF[Buster Posts: 21Player
    Hmmm i wonder if they would ever try it?
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