I've been playing this game for a while now (Lev 30). I've been having issues with my FPS drop from lets say 80 to 15 when ever I'm near a firefight even though no one is firing at me and even during the firefight... any ideas why? I haven't changed anything in the settings in ages... only when there is an update


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    People are turning off their HUD to see if this corrects the FPS drop during a firefight, (also called "stuttering"). @Dem@n suggests to roll back to an earlier version of the nVidia drivers to 3.40.xx? to fix.

    I just did a new build going from GTX 750ti sc to GTX 960 ssc. I am using the current nVidia driver 3.50.12 and no longer have this issue.

    Wish someone had a concrete fix.
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    Just like smoke grenades caused issues (there gone now) firefights will be removed from the game as well. Now when in CQC we will resort to rock-paper-scissors

  • I figured out... my computer had a bad update or something along because I had to update my computer this morning and had no issues... thanks.... I've got HUD set on that it would disappear when not used.
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