Possible fix if you get Stuttering with Win10 or DX10 install issues with win10



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    I think they once said switching the game over to a newer version of DirectX was not feasible.

    Don't remember this and its not switching. There would be a menu option to choose directx 11 over default dx9, like most games have
    It works on a different logic...and as far as I know, directx 11 take a relevant amount of work off from the CPU to the graphic chip. Which is probably why certain modern games, which are optimized for dx11 do run better in that mode.

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    Just to add another twist, I had freezing issues as well like you described, and both OS and AAPG were on the same SSD. But after upgrading to win 10 (still one SSD), the problem disappeared. Maybe the issue is not the SSD?

    I am certain of one thing though: the problem started happening for me when I upgraded my video card from a AMD 7770 -> AMD 390x. The problem would go away if I swapped in my old video card. I even returned the 390x for a new one and the same problem would come back. So it wasn't hardware related.

    Eventually I upgraded to win10 and the problem went away. Not sure if that helps narrow it down.

    You gotta be careful with newer cards (especially amd) running directx 9 games sometimes they will perform worse. Another setback from using directx9 instead of directx 11. A 680 will most likely run this game better than a gtx 980 its sickening.

    Basically newer graphics card are not optimized to run on directx9 like older graphics cards are this game desperately needs directx11 version because there is already massive amounts of people on 900 series and it is only going to get worse with Pascal 1000series coming out in the summer.

    That is a bit of a disturbing argument, but I've seen a few benchmarks and could be true...but on the other hand, why would anyone get a 980 just to play this game? I also see freezes and stuttering issues across the configurations, so money does get you better frames per sec but doesnt exactly buy the smoothest game. I actually had a smoother gameplay back in the old beta (although the one of the latest patches improved things a bit). Of course I'm not on a SSD.

    Edit: nevermind, I don't think there's a benchmark clearly showing older cards performing really that much better than the 9xx Nvidia series on directx 9 based older games...
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    My evga 980 and screen freezes too just be careful with the drivers as some work worse than the others!
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