UMM Maps: How to...

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With all the people having issues with the UMM maps, thought this may help.
UMM Maps: How to...

To make things simpler in adding AA:PG UMM Maps on steam...

-Right click steam or open steam, select library...

-Select AAPG, then you should see steam workshop. click "Browse the workshop"...(it should be half way down the screen under the UMM preview pictures.)

-Using the search bar, find the map you wish to download.

-When the profile pic shows up, bottom right will show a green plus, which means you don't have it. click it to add map which should change to a blue tick...

-In doing that, it should be downloading the maps you have added...

-After downloading maps go to the AA:PG browser, click editor tab and click on manage. There you will see your downloaded maps.

-Click build next to the map name. This will pre-build the shaders to reduce join time for the first time.

-Then join server.
-The map will still have to do more shader building so be patient. If tyres pop up do not disconnect, it will kick back in.
-If disconnected just reconnect. Grab a beer and be patient.

You should now make it into the map.

***Be aware the server has to build shaders too, so if it's the first time the map has been run on the server may take a while.

That's it, the next time you connect, you should join just as fast as official maps.
Hope this helps you all.
Happy UMM'ing

GJ skitz for helping me put it togther.


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    Note: Some people don't know what "shaders" are. It's just a way of saying that your graphics card is busy drawing up the map on your screen.
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    Good Job, Guys! ;)
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    you would get a lot more use out of writing a how to... if you made it into a guide and posted it in the guide section of steam hub...

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