Showing pings, dead enemies

I have basically 2 questions:
1 How can I set my server to show both teams how many enemies are left alive during the round?
2 Is there any server setting to show everyone's pings?
Thanks for any help.


  • [NoL]W_a_t_c_h[NoL]W_a_t_c_h Posts: 133Player
    1 There is a setting, but can't remember off the top of my head what it is. If no one else answers, I will check when I get home from work.
    2 To view everyone's ping, you have to be an admin on the server. If you are logged in as admin, open the console and type adminplayerlist (you may need to go into your settings and enable Show Punkbuster Messages, not sure). This will then overlay a list of the players and their pings.
  • [NoL]W_a_t_c_h[NoL]W_a_t_c_h Posts: 133Player
    I think the server setting you need for live player count is

  • -$korpeoN--$korpeoN- Posts: 20Player
    I will try it. Thanks
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