End of match delay

Does anyone know how I can reduce the time from end of the match to the server map change? I think it's now 35 seconds. It's too long to look at the scoreboard. I have gone over the config and I can't see anything in there. What am I missing? :/


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    Never hear of a complaint of time to next map. You do have to wait for different load times of maps depending on the different GPU people have. I've only heard people complain of the "round start" times, and there is a setting for that one. Don't know if there is a setting for the end of round\match time.
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  • [NoL]W_a_t_c_h[NoL]W_a_t_c_h Posts: 133Player
    I don't remember there being a setting for this, but to be honest I doubt many people would want a shorter time after the match ends.

    Firstly, you have to allow people to check the scoreboard, see how they did against others and see what they might want to try different next time.
    Then, after you have checked your scores, for those servers running next map votes, you need to give people time to make a decision and vote. Alternatively, for those without voting, but with active admins switching the map, you have to allow time for them to login, pick a map and select it.
    Plus it gives people time to discuss the match, and say goodbye when leaving.
    I would say 35 seconds is about right for this whole process.

    Plus I don't know if there is a buffer put into the end of match process for uploading stats to the main database to cover any delays or issues this process has.
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