Question about Ladders

In the content browser there a few different sets of ladders , the one i wish to know about is the interactive one , i put a ladder on my map and i test it and it does not work , am i doing something wrong or will it work after build time ?


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    You need to add a ladder volume in order for it to work.
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    ok awesome thank you
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    well i have tried for days , adding the ladder volume is no problem but getting it to climb is , i have played with pitch ,yaw and whatever the other is and still no luck , it either tries to climb from side or upside down or any way but up , i cant find any tutorials , guess maybe a different idea is in order
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    You can cheekily just take the ladder prefabs (theres a one, two and tree story version) and place them in your level.. I find it to be the easiest/fastest way to add ladders.

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  • -Flops--Flops- Posts: 354Player
    ohh i will check that out . thank you very much

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    Typically you just need to play around with the yaw or whatever until the arrow that you see in editor points the way you want the player to be looking when he climbs. Then you have to make sure to rebuilt BSP and paths and it should work.
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    yes it all went well after building paths and what not , i was just playing around learning more , its handy to know . thanks guys
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