Fragged Nation Open Season 4

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FN Open Season 4

Signups are now open for the next Open Season at FraggedNation

Season 4 will kick off on December 5th, 2015

Clicking HERE will take you to the Season 4 sign up page.

All other info can be found on the FN website in THIS POST.

We hope to get a bunch of teams involved, the regulars, and hopefully some new teams. there are plenty of players out there so spread the word and lets make this the best season yet.

Any question feel free to ask me or Savage0125 on FN


  • =IK=Doba==IK=Doba= Posts: 2,789Player
    On mobile I see a banner.. however it doesnt take me to sign ups.. On PC there is no banner..

    going to FN site > competition>PC>AA .. shows Season 4 join.. however its still the old ladder with an updated date.. with teams signed up still from 1 yr ago.

    Seems Krux left FN and no one knows what the heck is going on over there.
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  • [OGG]Savage0125[OGG]Savage0125 Posts: 12Player
    We are working on it. Me and Ghost do not have GD rights and it will not let us create a new one without it being listed as Private. We are waiting on the higher ups to help us out since huggz hasn't been around for quite some time.
  • =IK=Doba==IK=Doba= Posts: 2,789Player
    Rgr..good luck
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  • [SSDD]Ghost[SSDD]Ghost Posts: 5Player
    It's not a matter of us not knowing what is going on, it is currently a matter of not having full rights to do everything we need to do. This Season 4 league was setup previous and was never used to completion, I am using it for this actual Season 4 because I am unable to reinvent the wheel so to speak. We are in the process of making it all as current as possible so that teams can get signed up and get the ball rolling.

    An attempt has been made to upgrade our status to allow for more privileges and hopefully in the works soon.

    I apologize for seemingly unprofessional feel you are getting but I assure you, it is quite the opposite. We are doing what we can with what we have at the moment. It will only get better from here on out.

    Oh, as for the banner Doba, I am not sure why you are not seeing it on the PC, I have confirmed with 5 different people and they can all see it and click it on the PC just fine. I am not sure about the mobile end of it, this site may not be setup for that to work correctly.
  • [OGG]Savage0125[OGG]Savage0125 Posts: 12Player
    I have now taken over Game Director of AAPG so we should be good to go. Give me this weekend to get everything squared away for the new season. For those that have had issues with FN in the past, I ask you to please leave them in the past and give us another shot. I will attempt to do the best I can.
  • -=DA=-instinks-=DA=-instinks Posts: 11Player
    push back the start date until more teams are signed up? no point in running a league with four teams.
  • =[IQG]=O!gres=[IQG]=O!gres Posts: 5Player
    Are we EU players allowed to participate??
  • doogle!doogle! Posts: 733Player
    Starts this weekend boys. Get registered.
  • =IK=Doba==IK=Doba= Posts: 2,789Player
    Thought it starts today!!!!

    However matches are postponed cause its too close to holidays .

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  • doogle!doogle! Posts: 733Player
    FN Season 4 starts 5 January after some voting to push it beyond the holidays. Last chance to get signed up folks, they'll be shutting down signups soon. Would love to have more teams!
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