Lady Soldiers?



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    I would imagine that there are a good number of reasons why they have yet to introduce female character models. Possible some of the same reasons that the Battle Field franchise has not done so either. I know that they have stated that they have no intention of doing so in the foreseeable future either. As a female, I guess I can see where all the issues come up when discussing actual females in combat, in real life. In video games however, I see no good reason not to add them as long as we don't spawn in in the kitchen! ;D

    I do know that if it happens, it will be pretty weird hearing the female "HOOAH" the first couple times.
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    My guess would be the balancing effect for example in the battlefield series if they were to add female soldiers they would have to be the same size height face everything as the male soldier. My guess is that would also cause some friction maybe more friction than leaving them out completely. I see nothing wrong with getting yourself a female voice over for hooah though if you want that's a legitimate thing I can see. So in menu settings you can select male or female voice.
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    About balance: same thing as current customization. No matter what you pick, it won't give you an actual advantage, because the other team will see you as the 'default bad guy'. Even if you choose a female avatar/body/whatever, the enemy team will see the standard enemy skin with the standard hitbox. For this reason I'd not be worried about balance. (As long as the camera height is the same, of course.)
    The only time it'd make a difference is friendly fire. But you don't want to optimize the hitboxes for that... right?
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