Few Issues i have with AAPG

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1) So, to begin with the stuttering while playing. I noticed that every time PunkBuster takes a screenshot of players it give you a 1/2 seconds freeze. I have been told it was on the forums and had something to do with some .ini file but could not find it. So if some one can explain me or link me a case where its fixed would be really helpful.

2) When the game was in Beta, i asked a lot for my screen settings to be supported. Still today it doesn't supported it fully. I do have (Thanks for that) the option in graphics menu to set it to my screen (that is 2560x1080) but it still doesn't support the aspect ratio that i have (that is 21:9). That is giving me funny, but also bad moments like;

"The Faceless Man" Screenshot.
"No Idea what helmet i have this time!." ScreenShot

3) A bug that i found when messing around with my key bindings while playing a match was when i switched one of the VoIP keys to a different one, it prevented me from talking unless i waited until the server switched the map or when i reconnected the server. Something the devs can look into.

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