Making it rain

hi guys , is there a tutorial anywhere on making rain in the ME i cant find one on the forums , or can i use any udk tutorial on making rain ?



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    Ahh Rain, been there done that and failed. Rain is a mesh like any other in your level, just made transparent and without collision. There's an epic rain package our very own Delta put together he shared with us to use, I've seen it used brilliantly in some UMM's however myself.. I could never get an effect I was happy with so I abandoned using it on my map.

    I'll be back in a few with a link to the pack.
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    Thank you very much
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    my only concern is packages , thats what scewed up my ME last time , im to sure how i would use it lol .
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    I found with any packages, the easiest way to use them is to transfer the whole package into your map's package (FLO_MAPNAME_XX)
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    im very noob map maker , is that hard to do , cause i really dont want to screw this map up lol
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    That’s the thread with a link to the pack (I checked and its a good link, still live).. in order to use the content you'd need to import what you wanted to use into your mapfile.

    You place the .upk package in a location the editor can see/read/fully load it, for example somewhere in the file structure your map is located, I made a folder/location I like to place all external packages in, in my case here

    Documents\My Games\America's Army Proving Grounds\AAGame\Unpublished\CookedPC\

    Here's a tutorial wolverine made on importing/working with external packages.. Its always easier to see than to read I feel :)

    Tip.. I had to turn off collision for the rain meshes, otherwise they will block bullets, do this in the meshes properties [F4], also be sure to alter the draw distance of them for optimization, I found them to be quite costly in the performance stakes left as is.

    As for how to set them up I have no clue, I tried many things overlapping them, butt together, tilted, even duplicated.. Lots of things.. but for some strange reason, I kept getting a tunnel effect where the rain would look like its falling in a long line rather than random and all over. Never figured out why :(
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    ok thank you very much for all the info ill get to it and see how it goes lol
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